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Guangdong Huajida Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic provider of automation integration services and integrated automation solutions; it has three business units of intelligent equipment, SMT equipment and industrial control integration, and Dongguan Huajida Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. (Holding) and Hong Kong Huajida (a wholly-owned subsidiary).

Intelligent Equipment Division: It has independent research and development of special-shaped electronic component plug-ins, laser marking machines, pre-furnace visual inspection machines, post-furnace visual inspection machines and ICT, FCT and other online testing equipment. Committed to providing customers with PCBA (circuit board assembly) automation overall solutions.

SMT Equipment Division: Since 2006, it has been the agent of Samsung brand placement machines, and has been the best partner of Samsung / Hanwha placement machines for eight consecutive years, and has become the largest agent of Samsung / Hanwha for seven consecutive years.

Industrial Control Integration Division: It is the first-level agent for Panasonic servo motors and electricians in Japan; the general agent in China of South Korea LS Automation's high-flexible cables. And independently develop and produce modules, X-Y robots and other supporting products. Committed to providing customers with high-end automation components and integration solutions.

Dongguan Huajida Testing Equipment Co., Ltd .: Huajida and South Korea's MIRTEC established a joint venture (Huajida Holding), dedicated to the promotion of the world-class brand (MIRTEC) in China, to provide customers with high-quality SMT Equipment solutions.

The company has a stable and efficient R & D team, and has long insisted on a high proportion of R & D investment. At present, it has 42 authorized patents, including 34 utility model patents, 8 invention patents (and several have applied for record), and appearance patents1 item. The company's products combine the advanced design principles and technologies of Germany, Japan and South Korea. The whole machine is casted with the whole machine, with stable operation and high accuracy. All main parts are made of first-class brand components to ensure product quality and service life. The company's product design standards High technology, advanced technology and excellent safety performance make the company always occupy a stronger competitive position in the market competition.

The company has established sales and service outlets in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu to provide customers with timely and efficient services.

Huajida people will uphold the spirit of quality, service, efficiency and pragmatism, and continue to provide customers with high quality and highly competitive products and services.


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